About TMG

The Midian Guard started out as an ideal.

After competing in Australian Dragon Ball Super (DBS) Regionals and seeing how well the community was supported from the States, the dream was to start something here in Australia. We have a wealth of skilled players and the game is second to none in play-ability and for the beauty of the cards themselves. Why wasn't there sponsored teams? Why wasn't there more money being put back into the community to see it grow?

There was and still is a need for this in Australia and The Midian Guard is looking to lead the way in re-shaping the landscape of TCGs in Australia.

This is not money venture. It is a passion to change the culture.

This website is merely the engine to help make it a reality. 

The Midian Guard is a team. Starting out as a team of five, we affectionately call ourselves the "Ginyu Force". We love the game and the coolest team, as we all know, is the Ginyu Force, so that was a given. 


Each member of the team has their role in making this a success, whether that be from supplying video content, blogs or getting cards out into the community. By bringing in some of the best players into the mix, along with the skills of the support members, we will look to make the ideal, a reality.    

So why 'The Midian Guard'?

'Midian' was a name I liked as a kid. Simple as that. The name itself is not important, what it stands for in the future is. Something that becomes a brand name for DBS in Australia.   

Here's to a bright future for the game and more support for the community ahead. Look forward to seeing you all at a tournament, online and on various chats as well. 

Feel free to contact the team through any of the content we provide. Be assured that we are all 100% committed to making this the awesome community we all know it can be.


Andy - Website Manager