Anniversary Box Series (part 1)

Anniversary Box Series (part 1)

~ Saiyan Cabba ~

When looking at the meta and where Bandai is looking to go in the future, I believe one should pay further attention to the alternate cards that are being released in the upcoming Anniversary boxed set.

This releases 21 June 2019 and has no less than 20 alternate reprints!

So what does that tell us?

Are these cards only for the current meta?

Are they cards that will still be an impact in many editions to come?

Let's take a look and see what Bandai may be telling us...

The first in the lineup we are going to be looking at are the Red Alternate Cards.


First up we have Saiyan Cabba.

Used predominantly in aggro strategies, Saiyan Cabba has also been used in many tournaments to close out a game with a his handy Double Strike (DS) skill as well as the ability to provide some hand advantage. Not only that many a leader has used him to assist with awakening.

The strengths of this card are also his downside as hecabba3.jpg

  • gives 2 cards to the opponent (no critical),
  • has to attack to realise his ability (Crisis Crusher and Son Goku STBTB)
  • to gain DS the leader needs to take a life (bad if leader is on 1 life)

With the format as we have at the moment, most say you would be crazy to rely on an aggro approach as Crisis Crusher and Son Goku STBTB are mainboarded cards, and where they are not, they are active in most sideboards. The card has been around since set 1 and just when it was starting to look a little 'long in the tooth' we have an alternate reprint!

So even with the above in mind, does Bandai see aggro returning in 2019?

Personally I believe it will be more useful for a mid-range deck. As we start to get onto the other red cards being reprinted we see a strategy of a turn 4 set up towards a turn 4 GG which is where Bandai wants to see the game sitting at this point in time.

Stay tuned as we discuss the other cards; next being Forseeing Hit.   

24th May 2019 Andy Palermo

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